The Universe – Things for which I am grateful #355/365


Sometimes, I find it utterly extraordinary that any of us are here at all. How we have come to be in this chaotic universe is nothing short of miraculous. Imagining all of the things that had to take place over the past 14 billion years in order for us to exist are almost too enormous to comprehend.

Then, on other days, I just think we’re randomly floating around space on a giant ball of muck.


I am in awe of our universe and the secrets hitherto unanswered. Who or what created it? Is there life after death? Are there parallel universes? Is there life on other planets?


What else I find mesmerising about the universe is how what is going on out there in space is mirrored down here on Earth – down to the microscopic level. Whether we’re looking at a spiral galaxy or the fractal patterns on a leaf.


Scientists estimate that there are between 4.2 and 5.3 trillion habitable planets in the observable universe. It’s hard to fathom that we are the only planet to have evolved intelligent life. If that is the case, what a waste of a universe that would be. Mankind has hardly showered itself in glory this past brace of millennia.




From macro to micro – The scale of the universe. (Click and slide.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 13.06.33

This short film about the nature of space/time will blow your mind. If this is true then’s there’s no point us worrying about the future – it already exists.


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8 responses to “The Universe – Things for which I am grateful #355/365

  1. Love the vastness of this post.

  2. Thank the gods someone’s paying attention! We had a friend who used to begin every meal we shared together by toasting us all and announcing, “Aren’t we lucky!” She was always right. We are.

  3. Whether you believe in intelligent design or causality, it sure makes you think how insanely lucky we are to be here at all. I echo your gratitude!

  4. Really? The concept of what is of use and what isn’t is a human disease. It is what disconnects us from ourselves. We perceive things as good and bad. But truth is good and bad are human concepts and don’t exist in nature. So earth being the only habitable planet is just an occurrence. It isn’t a waste of anything. The universe is what it is and we are a part of it in neutrality and equanimity.

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