Cantankerous Yorkshireman wants to be ‘liked’.

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Followers,

I wanted to ask a favour…


Where did everyone go?

I’ve finally gotten round to setting up an author page on Facebook and I’d be very grateful if you could pop along and ‘like’ it for me. Here’s the link:

What’s in it for you?

Well, you’ll get to hear the latest about what I’m working on. (Big deal.)

A sci-fi short story called 'Little Snow'.

A sci-fi short story called ‘Little Snow’.

I’ll post some funny stuff about writing. (Meh.)

Tell it like it is.

Tell it like it is.

There’ll be some words of wisdom and encouragement from famous writers. (I have a Pinterest account too, you know.)



Let’s be honest, it’s really just a vehicle to promote my books. So, if you’re not that interested in novels, short stories, poetry or screenplays written by a cantankerous old Yorkshireman, then it’s probably not for you.

Buy my book!

Buy my books!




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5 responses to “Cantankerous Yorkshireman wants to be ‘liked’.

  1. Just hours after I deactivated my FB a/c you give me an excellent reason to Like it again!

  2. I love that “What the author meant” and “What your English teacher thinks the author meant”. This used to happen to me all the time. In fact, it still happens to me — people reading all sorts of things into my writing that I hadn’t thought of myself! I usually say what I mean (must be some hidden Yorkshire blood in me!).

    Will nip over to Facebook, just for you. Usually only visit it on Saturdays, unless someone messages me in between.

  3. Ha, ha!

    Thanks Sarah, that’s very kind of you. Do you have an ‘author’ page? I wasn’t sure whether to do one. Though, it’s good to be friends on the normal FB. 🙂

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