Winter Haiku

A belated Happy New Year.

This is my first post of 2015. (Not including my last post which was a reblog.)

I started following a blog by Ashi Akira and he’s inspired me to get my haiku quill out. (It’s a fascinating blog – particularly the story about the Japanese and American WWII fighter pilots – well worth a visit.)



Rabbit carcass rots,

Heather bends its purple head,

Wuthering Heights call.


Listen to the song

Of the sparrows in the hedge,

Feeding time for chicks.


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12 responses to “Winter Haiku

  1. Great haiku and great picture, David 🙂 If I’m right, one or more linked verses make this a haikai, but do check me out before quoting me here!

    I love Ashi Akira’s blog and have been following it for some time. He’s certainly a most prolific writer of haiku, which he uses to paint such a colourful picture of Japanese nature and the seasons.

  2. Happy New Year, David. Love this post.

  3. Happy New Year – nice to reconnect. I love a good haiku, as you have here. I’ll go visit Ashi Akira’s blog now. Thanks for inspiring me to haiku more often. 🙂

  4. wonderful haiku and photo. They both merge.

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