The Battle of Tatton Field


I took my girls to the Medieval Fayre at Tatton Park near Knutsford in Cheshire on Saturday.

It was packed with stalls and tents, traders and artisans, selling replica medieval goods and artefacts, all the while dressed in traditional garb. (Though, I’m not sure my kids were convinced by my argument that they didn’t take Visa back in medieval times.)


As well as all the trading, you could try your hand at falconry. Or, more precisely, your wrist.


If you were feeling a tad more Agincourt, you could flex those shoulder muscles and give archery a twang.

Then, to cap it all off, there was a mock battle between two Plantagenet forces.


I do love history, but I’ve never been to a battle re-enactment before. I’ve always thought of them as being a bit nerdy. But it was absolutely brilliant. My girls loved it too.

The boom from the canons made the ground shake and went right through me. I had to have at least three de-fibs.


Anyhow, you’ve missed it now. It was only on for Saturday and Sunday. But I’d thoroughly recommend it if you see one coming to a battlefield near you.





All photographs © David Milligan-Croft


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6 responses to “The Battle of Tatton Field

  1. Great photos Dave. Shared your reticence about the reenactment scene until I went to a Battle of Waterloo version here in Belgium. Amazing opportunity to take fun photos.

  2. lola gayle

    We had a Civil War re-enactment down the road a few years back. Boy was it loud! But I’m used to the booming since we live so close to the Fort Hood artillery practice range.

  3. You have me convinced, though I don’t think I want to go to any reenactments of the 1916 Rising here in Ireland next year!

  4. I love medieval fayres and used to take my children to them regularly. And, yes, I tried my hand at falconry and remember how heavy that sparrow hawk was when it landed on my gauntlet-clad hand. Also, joined in with a bawdy song or two with a group of Troubadours. Was hopeless at archery, though.

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