The artists, (and thinkers, and mathematicians, and scientists), of tomorrow.

Inspired by Canadian Native Art

Inspired by Canadian Native Art

I wrote a post a couple of days ago whinging about how little art there is in the school curriculum. As I mentioned, my gripe was not with my girls’ school, but with the government’s inability to see value in the arts.

I love going to art galleries, and I love to look at art. Whether it’s by a household name or a toddler expressing themselves.

This week, my kids’ school seized the initiative and held an art exhibition, showcasing a smorgasbord of stunning work from all age groups. Everywhere you looked, on the walls, on the floor, on the stage, dangling from the ceiling, there was a veritable feast of colour, pattern, shape and texture.

The school hall was packed with jubilant kids and proud parents. (Though, I’ve cropped most of them out as I don’t have their permission to show them.)

So, a massive well done to all the staff at Didsbury Road Primary School for putting on such an inspirational and spectacular event. And for having the foresight to see the value in art even if the government doesn’t.

Now then, treat your peepers to a few stunning examples…

Potato printing

Potato printing





Lydia being a bit camera shy in front of her 'Paisley' piece.

Lydia being a bit camera shy in front of her ‘Paisley’ piece.

'Paisley' by Lydia Milligan-Daly

‘Paisley’ by Lydia Milligan-Daly

Scarlett's 'Graffiti' piece. (She refused to have her photo taken.)

Scarlett’s ‘Graffiti’ piece. (She refused to have her photo taken.)


Lydia presenting her pop-up book

Lydia presenting her pop-up book



I bet you’d need to know your maths to construct this beautiful sculpture







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10 responses to “The artists, (and thinkers, and mathematicians, and scientists), of tomorrow.

  1. They must have heard your call unconsciously 🙂 And with great results. Love that paisley piece. I don’t know if you saw my “art thing in the brain” piece, but I think you’d like it.

  2. lola gayle

    This is WONDERFUL to see! Art should ALWAYS be a part of any school curriculum. And not just as a side note. I think it should be a core class.

    • Me too, Lola. Unfortunately, our government doesn’t seem to think so. They don’t think art increases the chances of students getting jobs. Personally, I think being able to think creatively and laterally increases a student’s chances, rather than diminish them.

      • lola gayle

        It’s that bad all over. Art is a necessary part of everything from science, to engineering to even the medical field. Hopefully someday the world will understand that

      • Couldn’t agree more, Lola. Einstein said something along the lines of: Intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.

  3. Magic!
    To hell with maths and exam pressures. This is what education is all about.

  4. Art and music are essential to education.

  5. Argus

    Some of those shots are art in themselves~!

    You make valid points. Sadly here in New Zealand the only ‘art’ in schools that’s getting any publicity these days is Maori ‘art’ — for me half-naked aggression, stamping feet, rolling eyes and slobbering poked out tongues just don’t cut it as art. Neither do endless swirls chiselled into wood (mostly weapons or things to scare off enemies).

    But most of these works (possibly all) give hope for the future. My favourite is the one of wee Lydia and her (Thunderbird?) big picture.
    Dammit, I’m married to an artist who refuses to publicise—which trait stems directly from her NZ school days.

    Subtly guided expression and active encouragement when young is all important: well done Didsbury!

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