Love for Sale – only 99p!

My first novel, Love is Blood, is on Sale for a paltry 99p!

That’s a lot of love action for not a lot of lolly.

(And that’s an awful lot of alliteration for just one sentence.)

But it’s only available at this discounted rate for 7 days.

Yes, that’s 7 days to stock up on some serious lovin’.

And a smidgen of cosmic-destiny malarkey.

Not forgetting, a mite of exotic locations: Corsica, South of France, Ireland and New York.

Oh, and a bit of terrorism. (Well, it is all the rage at the moment.)

So, hightail it over to Amazon by simply clicking on the cover image, and make an old man very happy. Pretty much like the book, really.


And for our American cousins, click here: Love is Blood.

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