Happy National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day.

Here’s one I prepared earlier.

Much earlier.


By David Milligan-Croft.
Sometimes, you might hear a bang-

Like something has been knocked over.

And, you shout out,
“Hey! What are you two up to?”

Sometimes, you go upstairs,

You know, to check on the girls.

To make sure they haven’t kicked off

Their duvets, or fallen out of bed.

But, when you go up,

You realise they’re not there anymore.

And, for a moment,

You thought life

Was like it was before.



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8 responses to “Happy National Poetry Day

  1. I love this 🙂 And there was me not noticing that it was National Poetry Day, yet posting a poem, too. Must have been somewhere in my sub-conscious, coaxing me onward!

  2. Love the poem, Dave. Happy National Poetry Day ~ though every day is poetry day really.

  3. Great poem. I understand your sentiment. I often dream of the way things were…

    • Thank you Jessica. It’s not an entirely accurate picture of my life, as my children spend the majority of their time with me. However, it was written about the first time they spent a night away from me, after their mother left.

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