The Show Must Go On

Well, folks, it’s been a week since we heard that the musical genius that was David Bowie passed away.

And I think I’ve annoyed the heck out of quite a few people on Facebook by posting a myriad of Bowie vids every day.

But I did say that we should have a week of mourning for such a great man.

However, this final post is not about Mr. Bowie per se, but those he leaves behind. Namely, his wife and daughter, Lexi. (I appreciate that he has other family and friends who will also be devastated – chief of which, his son Duncan, from his first marriage to Angie Bowie.)

Browsing through some shots of the couple on Pinterest, they looked very much in love. I know photographs can be deceiving and don’t represent a true reflection of life, but I hope it was, for their sake. They look so happy.

David Jones may have departed this world, but his body-of-work will remain for as long as this planet does. Moreover, I’m sure it will inspire countless others to produce works of inspirational creativity ad infinitum. What kind of legacy is that to leave?

So, to finish off, here are a few shots of the happy couple/family. Apparently, Iman’s favourite Bowie tracks were Suffragette City and Heroes, so who am I to disappoint?















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13 responses to “The Show Must Go On

  1. I’ve never forgotten Iman playing the role of a shape-shifter in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen (except when she changed back to her alien form, of course!)

  2. Patrick Chapman

    Thank you for this, Dave. I hope you’re well and all is good. DB’s passing was a little gutting even though one didn’t know him personally (as if). We watched his videos all night on Monday. Mourning a stranger who had been in our lives for all of it.



  3. You have given us a lovely tribute to a magical man. Thank you.

  4. Mark Nutley

    Thanks, David. And you too, Crofty.

  5. Scottish Author and Poet Kirsty Grant

    Great post. Beautiful pictures.

  6. Love the photos! For 4 days after Bowie’s death, in my dance class we played and moved to only his tunes. What a brilliant musician.

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