An ultimatum to the United States of America and North Korea

You are hereby served notice to surrender all nuclear weapons and ICBMs to the Republic of Daveland. You’re far too immature to play with them.

Republic of Daveland

If you do not comply within the next 48 hours I… I mean, WE, will be forced to declare war upon the aforementioned territories.

We will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger… actually, I think that quote has been done.

We’ll knock your bloody heads together, you pair of clowns.

While 7 billion people are bricking themselves about an impending nuclear holocaust, you’re too busy comparing cock sizes.

And we all know who’d win that competition.



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9 responses to “An ultimatum to the United States of America and North Korea

  1. I am so worrying. Last time I worried when Obama was teasing Putin, but young Kim is much more dangerous to tease. God help your country, what else can I say.

  2. I agree that the Republic of Dave land should handle this situation, really anyone but those two clowns for sure, ha ha.

  3. Nice little country you’ve got there.

  4. That must have felt really good to write. It certainly felt good to read!

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