Parr Excellence.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Martin Parr would probably groan in pun-staking agony at that headline.

Oh well, you’re here now.

Martin Parr is one of Britain’s greatest photographers. Actually, make that ‘the World’s’.

He manages to capture the zeitgeist of working-class life in all its gaudy technicolour, wherever he goes. Whether that be Barnsley or Brazil.

He’s known for his satirical and ironic documentary-style images that look at our insatiable rapaciousness for consumerism. That, and people eating chips.

Martin Parr

I’m not here to write his biography, just show you some of his brilliant work. If you’d like to know a bit more about him, his life, his work, his foundation and his legacy, click here. But if you just want to see more photos of people eating chips, scroll down.

USA. Kentucky Derby. 2015.
ITALY. Capri. Marina Piccola. 2014.
Sexy Beast, anyone?
Barry Island. 1996.
WALES. Glamorgan. Tower Colliery. 1993.
Wales. Tenby. 2018.

If you want to have a look at some of his most recent projects, have a look here. You won’t be disappointed.

GB. England. Kent. Margate. 1986.
GB. England. Bristol. Pride. 2019.


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3 responses to “Parr Excellence.

  1. Wow. These are from a parallel reality, I feel, an honest one, though.

    • Parr says he doesn’t ‘push’ the saturated colours and that it’s just the film stock he uses. But, I’m not so sure. When I take photos of the countryside near me I often push the colour to bring out the greens in nature. It’s not that they aren’t there in the first place, they just need a bit of ‘teasing’ out. (Otherwise, they’d look a bit drab.) A friend of mine on Facebook recommended another photographer called Nick Waplington. Similar subject matter to Parr but without the garish colour. Which makes them a bit more depressing!

      • I agree with you about the need to augment some colors or parts of a photo (I have also found green swaths of vegetation on its on to be monolithic and…just boring). Plus I think the extra color subtly enhances the drama of the ordinary. I will check out the other photographer you mentioned and see what I think.

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