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Me, the thief.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I get asked this all the time in my job.

I usually reply that the ideas come from the information I am supplied with to do the job.

All you have to do is jizz it up a bit in your creative cocktail shaker and see what comes out.

Sometimes it tastes like piss.

Other times it tastes like a Mojito mixed by Mr Hemingway himself.

But there are a few other ingredients that go into the creative cocktail shaker that aren’t in the brief.

These are taken from all the stuff you soak up in your daily life: art; literature; music; ads; news; gossip; film; blogs; tabloids; soaps; comedy, et cetera, et cetera.

What turns your cocktail from being piss into ambrosia is what bits of your own inspiration you put in there.

I came across this quote on the Gutenberg Press II:

I read something similar by Picasso a few years back. But in the spirit of the quote – he probably pinched it from someone else in the first place.

Here are a few bits of graffiti that you may have seen before, but what I like about these are how they integrate their art with the environment, rather than the environment being purely a canvas.

Whilst out for a saunter with my two girls, the eldest, who’s 5, said: Daddy! That looks like a cup!

This is what she was looking at…

Kids get it.

It’s adults who unlearn it.

Inspiration lurks everywhere, if you want to be inspired.

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You have 30 seconds to relax…

The other day, instead of doing something useful like bettering myself, I was taking a little time-out to play solitaire on my phone. (Sometimes I think it’s this kind of lack of commitment to work that the economy’s in the state it’s in.)

Anyhoop, it was a new app I’d downloaded so I was having quite a few go’s. After game 5 or so, a message flashed up saying: New fastest time!

I hadn’t realised I was playing against the clock.

I hadn’t even realised I was actually ‘playing’ against anybody or anything.

I don’t know about you, but when I play solitaire I do it to relax. Not to flap through a deck of cards like David Blaine on Soho market.

At first, I did try to beat my previous time. But I soon found that I was getting myself all in a tizzy because I’d only got 10 seconds before I slipped further down my own self-imposed rankings.

This was no way to live life.

So I got one of those little red stickers, the sort you see next to paintings in an art gallery, and I put it over the timer on my phone.

So now, when I’m playing solitaire, I’m blissfully unaware of just how pathetically slow I am.

It’s much more relaxing.

Bit of a bugger when I’m texting though.

What’s next – Speed meditating?

(P.S. If you do want to know: 2’54”)

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