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Now, I am not.

As 2011 draws its last desperate gasps before it expires to its final resting place in the annals of Gregorian time, I thought it only proper to end the year with a poem.

It’s based on the idea that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

It’s one I’ve been working on for a while now and I’m not sure it will ever be finished as new ideas rear their precocious heads just as I’m about to type my final point.

So, publish and be damned! is what I say. (Or was that someone else?)

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you have a fantastic end to 2011 and a preposterously prosperous and productive 2012.

Happy New Year!

Now, I am not.

By David Milligan-Croft

I am an electron.

I am an atom.

Now, I am not an atom.

I am a star.

I am a white dwarf.

Now, I am molten lava,
Coursing through the juvenile earth.

Now, I am not.

I am a rock.
Marble, to be specific.
From the cliffs of Massa and Carrara.

Now, I am not a rock.

I am primordial gloop.
Now, I am not.

I am an amoeba.
Now, I am two amoeba.

I am sky.

I am cobalt-blue sky.
I am cloud – I am rain – I am river.
I am
l, I am ocean.

I am vapour.

I am a droplet of dew on a monkey puzzle tree.
Now, I am not a droplet of dew on a monkey puzzle tree.

I am a tiger.

I – am – a – tiger.




Creeping, slowly through the long grass.

I see you with your spear.

I. Am. Tiger.

Now, I am not.

I am a slave.
Skin flaking from my red-raw back
Like cherry blossom petals.

Now, I am free.

I think I am a Greek.
Therefore, I am not a Greek.

I am a hoplite.
My dory has shivered,
My hoplon is buckling.
Now, I am not.

I am a foetus.
I hear my mother’s muffled weeping
From somewhere close by.
Now, I am not.

I am the darkness
That envelops you.

I am a judas.
All that have gone before
And all that will come.

Now, I am a magician.
Now, I am not.

I’m a daddy!
I cradle your life in my trembling palms.

One day, I will be your father no more,

But, for now,

I am.

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