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The Yes Men do the right thing

Billed as: “Comic vigilante justice”,  The Yes Men are two guys doing ‘spoof’ news features to great effect. They did one pretending to be officials from The Dow Chemical Company accepting responsibility for the Bhopal disaster and promising to make reparations in the region of $12m. As you can imagine, Dow immediately denied any responsibility/liability. As a result of the fake report shares fell by 3% losing them an estimated $2billion. The point they are making is the market do not want Dow to do the right thing. What does this say about our world and what we value most?


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Blank Canvas

© David Milligan-Croft

Blank Canvas is a Reality/Documentary designed to discover, develop and encourage art in Britain’s most deprived inner-city areas such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool and Belfast.

The series would be hosted by someone like The Chapman Brothers who are renowned for their controversial work. Their challenge would be to go into deprived housing estates and build an art installation getting the local community involved. They would set an art project which anyone from the estate/area can enter. The work would then be judged by an illustrious panel made up by people such as: Charles Saatchi, Gallery owner; Caroline Collier, Director of Tate Modern; Mark Wallinger, 2007 winner of Turner Prize.

They would select a short list which would then be put to a public vote. The winner from each region would then go onto The Tate Modern for an exhibition where their work is exposed to the world’s art community and critics. The Grand Finale would be for the public to vote for their favourite work of art. The winner would receive a bursary for The Royal College of Art.

Each programme who have a feature on a particular era in art, e.g. Impressionism, Expressionism, Modern, Renaissance, Baroque etc.

We see kids express themselves. Their hopes and fears. Their reality. We get an insight into what their innermost feelings are. Discover budding artists. Bring art to the people. Make art more accessible.

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