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Heart & Sold – Art Exhibition

Hi-de-hi, Campers,

I wanted to regale you about a unique art exhibition / initiative by Suzie and Paul Moffat, to aid people with Down Syndrome, called Heart and Sold.

All the art has been created by people with Down Syndrome, and some cracking stuff there is too.

heart & sold, paul moffat, suzie moffat, art exhibition

Heart & Sold Art Exhibition logo.

But, like most things in life, it needs a few bob to make sure it can happen. So, it’d be great if you can make a donation – no matter how small. If not, then please try and generate a bit of noise about the event by Tweeting, Linked-In-ing and Facebooking about it.

Lester Magoogan

I love this one by Lester Magoogan

“This pilot is to be remembered as the stepping stone to a fully recognised and respected exhibition tour, designed to evolve naturally, gather together other artists with Down Syndrome and allow them, their friends and family an opportunity to use the ‘Heart & Sold’ platform to create, educate, inspire, sell, encourage and prove that art is from the heart and should have no bearing on condition.” Suzie Moffat Exhibition Director

Fiona Stevenson

The Heart & Sold exhibition starts Today and is on at:


21ST — 24TH JUNE 2012

This Pilot Exhibition is a small step
 towards what we hope will be a successful 
touring Exhibition in 2013.

heart & sold art exhibition, down syndrome

Janine Beatson

If you can help, or want to come along, why not drop Suzie an email or give her a call.

CONTACT Suzie Moffat — Exhibition Director
TELEPHONE 07970 230 366
EMAIL Suzie@HeartandSold.org.uk

christopher lodge, heart & sold, art exhibition, down syndrome

Christopher Lodge

David Kenward

Judith McClenaghan

Katie Charlotte Rickersey

Robbie Hampshaw

Rory Davis

Ryan Bogues

Sean Gray

Tazia Fawley


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