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A real Presence in art – Ewa Konior

There is a brilliant exhibition on at the Arc Gallery at the moment by a stupendously talented artist by the name of Ewa Konior. (Pronounced Evva, I think.)

Ewa hails from Poland, but now plies her trade from her studio in Wales.

There are two very distinctive styles of work on show – the big, bold portraits, full of life and energy. And the smaller, multi-layered images of everyday life built up on wallpaper. You really have to see them in the flesh to see the full effect of the textures and scale.

The title of her exhibition is ‘Presence’ and runs until the 16th June.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, you want to see her work.









Here are a few shots I took at the exhibition. Apologies for the reflections.







So, if you’re in and around Stockport, Reddish or Manchester, try to pop along, it really is a wonderful exhibition. It’s Free in there’s free parking round the back of the mill. And there’s also a brand-spanking new cafe in which to relax and admire the work.

Ewa Konior, Polish, artist, Arc gallery, Stockport

Ewa Konior and some auld fella. Photo courtesy of Mark Coffey.

Oh, and by the way, Ewa’s work is for sale if you’re a collector. But please don’t feel obliged to buy me anything. Honestly. It really isn’t necessary.

Arc Centre and Gallery
Unit 33m, Vauxhall Industrial Estate
Greg Street
Stockport  SK5 7BR

Artist’s statement:

In my work, I aim to describe the essence of life and quality of existence. Experience, observation and study of the human psyche support my work, I empathise with and give voice to my human subjects. In the paintings of time and place I construct surrealistic locations including abstract elements. Like a frame from a film, the painting is a moment in a movement though time.

I perceive the world as an ocean where, below its visible surface, layers of complexity can be found in its depths. Painting, for me, is intuitively diving into and through the ocean to discover new dimensions and planes. It is an alchemic activity where the creative decision making process and my presence as the artist is evident. My painting is an expression of my particular view, involving aspects of reality, nuanced memories and philosophical contemplations.






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The artists, (and thinkers, and mathematicians, and scientists), of tomorrow.

Inspired by Canadian Native Art

Inspired by Canadian Native Art

I wrote a post a couple of days ago whinging about how little art there is in the school curriculum. As I mentioned, my gripe was not with my girls’ school, but with the government’s inability to see value in the arts.

I love going to art galleries, and I love to look at art. Whether it’s by a household name or a toddler expressing themselves.

This week, my kids’ school seized the initiative and held an art exhibition, showcasing a smorgasbord of stunning work from all age groups. Everywhere you looked, on the walls, on the floor, on the stage, dangling from the ceiling, there was a veritable feast of colour, pattern, shape and texture.

The school hall was packed with jubilant kids and proud parents. (Though, I’ve cropped most of them out as I don’t have their permission to show them.)

So, a massive well done to all the staff at Didsbury Road Primary School for putting on such an inspirational and spectacular event. And for having the foresight to see the value in art even if the government doesn’t.

Now then, treat your peepers to a few stunning examples…

Potato printing

Potato printing





Lydia being a bit camera shy in front of her 'Paisley' piece.

Lydia being a bit camera shy in front of her ‘Paisley’ piece.

'Paisley' by Lydia Milligan-Daly

‘Paisley’ by Lydia Milligan-Daly

Scarlett's 'Graffiti' piece. (She refused to have her photo taken.)

Scarlett’s ‘Graffiti’ piece. (She refused to have her photo taken.)


Lydia presenting her pop-up book

Lydia presenting her pop-up book



I bet you’d need to know your maths to construct this beautiful sculpture






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