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#149/365 – Pastry

And I’m not talking about the sweet kind, by gum.


You can take the man out of Yorkshire, but you can’t take…

I reckon you know the rest.

Where would we be without pies and pasties, eh? Well, I’ll tell you – here’s where:


Whether your fancy is a pork pie or a Cornish pastie, steak & ale pie or lamb samosa, you can’t beat a bit of pastry. Crusty or crumbly, flaky or filo; this manna from heaven would grace the great banqueting halls of Zeus himself, atop Mount Olympus.



The Everly Pregnant Brothers sum it up the best in ‘No Oven, No Pie‘, on top of the Fat Cat pub in Sheffield. (U2 have nothing on this lot.)

Thanks to Paul Kirby for alerting me to their musical talent.


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Things I am grateful for #29/365


Unlike my post about curry, I’m talking about food in general.

I’ve never gone hungry in my life.

Not unless you count going to O’Brien’s straight after work, having a gallon of Guinness, then being turfed out at closing time and proclaiming – I’m Hank Marvin – as going hungry. Which then, usually lead to a jaunt down to Tin Tin’s on Baggot Street for pork in black bean sauce and soft noodles.


Of course, there have been many occasions when I ‘thought’ I’d gone hungry. But these were due to me either not having any breakfast (through choice), or having to wait 3 or 4 extra hours for my tea because I’d worked late.

I come from a working class family that grew up on a council estate. So we weren’t rich by any stretch. But we never went hungry. We might not have had the most nutritional diet in the world. Though that was probably more down to the era and cultural norms rather than poor parenting.

There are almost one billion people in the world going hungry today. Yet we produce enough food to give everyone 2,700 calories a day. So, something’s going wrong somewhere.

I just count myself fortunate, and grateful, that I am not one of them.


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