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The real goal is to rape Mali for all its worth.

Before we go all Gung-ho into Mali under the pretense of driving out militant Islamist rebels, let’s have a look at the real reasons why France, and now Britain, have such a keen interest in securing the region:

*Gold: Mali is Africa’s third largest gold producer with large scale exploration ongoing.

*Uranium: encouraging signs and exploration in full swing. Exploration is currently being carried out by several companies with clear indications of deposits of uranium in Mali.

*Diamonds: Mali has potential to develop its diamond exploration: in the Kayes administrative region (Mining region 1), thirty (30) kimberlitic pipes have been discovered of which eight are show traces of diamonds.

*Iron Ore, Bauxite and Manganese: significant resources present in Mali but still unexploited. Mali has according to estimates more than 2 million tonnes of potential iron ore reserves located in the areas of Djidian-Kenieba, Diamou and Bale.

And let’s not forget our old favourite – oil.

*Mali’s Petroleum potential already attracting significant interest from investors Mali’s Petroleums potential has been documented since the 1970’s where sporadic seismic and drilling revealed probable indications of oil. With the increasing price of global oil and gas resources, Mali has stepped up its promotion and research for oil exploration, production and potential exports. Mali could also provide a strategic transport route for Sub-Saharan oil and gas exports through to the Western world and there is the possibility of connecting the Taoudeni basin to European market through Algeria.

*Source: Global Research

I’m not saying we shouldn’t help the people of Mali rid themselves of bands of terrorists controlling huge swathes of the country. I’m saying we should have some transparency.

What exactly has President Hollande promised Cameron for his help? BP getting first dibs on oil exploration?

Before we send our troops out to die in the Sahara under the banner of defending The West from the tyranny of global terrorism, let’s have a bit of honesty about the real reasons we are going in there.

And that is to strip Mali, and its environs, of its natural resources.



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