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#59/365 – Tulips

Well, on this last day of the second month of the year, I’d like to do a tiny recap for people only just joining the party.

Every day, for the year of 2014, I am writing a post about something – whether it be big or small – that I am grateful for. Could be Homer’s Iliad or Heinz’s baked beans and sausage in a tin.

Because, let’s face it, in the great scheme of things, most of us in the West are pretty privileged – even if we’re not eating Á la carte on the economic gravy train.




Here are some beautiful tulips I received for my birthday earlier this week. How can they fail to make you happy? (Thank you to Georgia for sending them to me.) I am very lucky indeed.


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Enter the Dragon – Kris Kuksi

Welcome to There Is No Cavalry 2012, everyone.

I know I’m a bit late off the mark with my salutations but, what with Chinese zodiacs, Julian, Gregorian and Hijri calendars, (not to mention about 50 others), I didn’t think a couple of days hither or tither would be of consequence.

2012 Year of the Dragon

Of course, we are entering the Chinese Year of the Dragon. As you may or may not know, I too, am a dragon. So I’m expecting some pretty extraordinary things from 2012.

First of all, I don’t want to see another episode of the shambolic Heinz Beans & Sausage debacle where, to my horror of horrors, there were only three frankfurters lurking beneath the beans rather than the requisite four.

For that alone, 2011 could be classed as an absolute shocker.

But I’m nothing if not an optimist. So am looking forward to sharing with you all manner of manna from my creative cassoulet.

First up, for your delectation is Kris Kuksi.

Incredibly intricate sculptures on a biblical scale.

The Emperor, by Kuksi

I urge you to click on the images and visit his website. There you will find a veritable smorgasbord of sculptures that you can zoom in and out of to really appreciate the delicate and painstaking detail that you just can’t see from my screen grabs.

For me, they are reminiscent of the Chapman Brothers and, to a lesser extent, Grayson Perry. I don’t mean that in a bad way, as Kuksi’s work appears infinitely more complex. But I haven’t seen them in the flesh like I have with the aforementioned.

What I find extraordinary about Kuksi’s work is the juxtaposition of religious symbolism and iconography with 21st century western greed, imperialism and materialism. (I know, I can’t believe I said that either.)

Below is a detail of The Retreat of Daphne.

The Retreat of Daphne

You can also see drawings and paintings on his site too. But, to be honest, whilst he is obviously a very gifted draughtsman, they don’t really arrest me in the same way his sculptures do.

Right, that’s all you’re getting for today, it’s time for my dinner – All Day Breakfast in a tin. And woe betide anyone at Heinz if these shriveled up sausages aren’t actually handmade by a master butcher from Cumberland.

Keep reading. More posts to follow shortly. (If my ticker holds out.)

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