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Things for which I am grateful #32

Alas, it is not an idyllic croft by the ocean…

Scottish croft on North Uist

Crofter’s cottage.

…but, a roof.

Over my head.

And, on days like today, when it’s blowing a howling gale and lashing with rain, it makes one feel all the more grateful.

Apparently, there are about 380,000 people in Britain who don’t have this luxury.

When I lived in Ireland I worked on a guerilla campaign for a homeless charity called Focus Ireland. The idea was based on using the plaques where famous people lived and doctoring them, using real people’s names, and placing them on the streets where homeless people slept rough. The concept being: Everyone has a right to a home.

It was hugely successful in terms of raising money and awareness.

N.B. Plaques in Ireland are brown unlike the blue ones in the UK.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 13.51.20

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 13.51.40

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 13.51.50

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 13.52.00

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 13.52.08


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On a lighter note…


I am Homeless and Hungry,
Read the sign around the little boy’s neck.

With a mongrel tucked under his arm
And a tin whistle between his lips,
His song mingling with the cacophony
Of Christmas shoppers on Grafton Street.

I watched him for a while, from a safe distance
Behind a record shop façade. Until,
I noticed him proffer a wink,
Which sailed through the sea of legs
To a little girl across the street.

She was playing a tin whistle,
With a mongrel tucked under her arm,
And a sign around her neck, which read:
I am Homeless and Hungry.

First published in Electric Acorn, 1999

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