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Comedy #130-147

Who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Where would we be without comedians, eh? Well, I’ll tell you: here’s where –


Laughing is good for the soul. (And the mind.)

Obviously, people’s tastes on what they consider funny varies tremendously. But, as this is my blog, you won’t be seeing anything like Friends, Two and a half men or Jim Davidson.

Some of my favourite comedians are: Sean Lock130, Eddie Izzard131, Kevin Bridges132, Nina Conti133, Ross Noble134, Jason Manford135, Tommy Tiernan136, Lee Mac137, Bill Bailey138, Jon Richardon139 and Joe Wilkinson140 to name a few.

Then there’s comedy shows – mostly taking the form of quiz panels. Ones I have on permanent series link are: Have I got news for you141, Would I lie to you?142 and 8 out of 10 cats143. (Their version of Countdown is a masterstroke.)

But what about comedy series? The Green Wing144, Drop the Dead Donkey145, Father Ted146 and Alan Partridge147.

So many comedians, writers, actors, directors and producers to be grateful to.

Here are a few clips, (in some cases – whole shows), to whet your whistles. Put your feet up and enjoy. You deserve it.















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