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#65/365 – Libraries

65 down 300 to go.

Well, seeing as though it’s World Book Day I thought I’d give a shout out to my local library in Heaton Moor.

It’s not a very big library, but that doesn’t matter, because if you want something they don’t have, they just order it in for you.

And, there must be close to a score of computers in there for people to surf the net or look for jobs. You also see lots of groups of people meeting up for coffee mornings and that sort of thing. (To discuss what, I have no idea. But some of the wrinklies get a tad tetchy if you’re sitting on their sofa when they come in.) So it’s not just a place to borrow books, it’s part of the community.

I take my children there quite a lot. Kids can take as many books out as they like and they don’t get fined for late returns. (Unlike me, who gets fined all the time.) They don’t just go to borrow books, there’s a small area for kids where they can sit and draw or even choose a DVD. My kids really look forward to going. (Which makes me both happy and proud.) Last week they borrowed nine books (all for free) and two DVDs (small fee). How cool is that? They even have visiting kids’ authors from time to time.

Imagine how many children there are in the world who don’t have access to books…

I feel very privileged to have all of these treasures on my doorstep and at my fingertips for absolutely nothing. (Let’s just hope the Tories don’t get wind of it.)



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Public Library Architecture

I’m no architect, but…

Surely some metropolis somewhere has got one of these?

Library design © David Milligan-Croft

I’ve done a bit of Googling to see if anything exists but, thus far, haven’t come up with anything, bar this…

Which is nice. (Though, I’m not sure it actually exists. It may just be a CGI.)

Then there’s this…

Which is pretty cool.

I’ve seen a few ‘book’ fascias like this one…

And then there’s this interesting building wrap round a library’s public car park…

But so far, I haven’t found any libraries designed to look like a stack of books on a shelf.

This is the original, with the books laying horizontally…

Library design © David Milligan-Croft

But I prefer the vertical version with the angled bookends. Seems more of an architectural feat.

The space could also be used for exhibitions and conferences. Obviously, it would have an über trendy café and a work/play space for kids.

Anyone know any Dubai zillionaires who fancy investing?

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