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Love for Sale – only 99p!

My first novel, Love is Blood, is on Sale for a paltry 99p!

That’s a lot of love action for not a lot of lolly.

(And that’s an awful lot of alliteration for just one sentence.)

But it’s only available at this discounted rate for 7 days.

Yes, that’s 7 days to stock up on some serious lovin’.

And a smidgen of cosmic-destiny malarkey.

Not forgetting, a mite of exotic locations: Corsica, South of France, Ireland and New York.

Oh, and a bit of terrorism. (Well, it is all the rage at the moment.)

So, hightail it over to Amazon by simply clicking on the cover image, and make an old man very happy. Pretty much like the book, really.


And for our American cousins, click here: Love is Blood.

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The customer is always right.

For any of you lovely people out there who are still unsure whether to sample any of my e-books, I thought I’d let people who’ve read my work do the talking. All of these quotes can be read on Amazon, except for the excerpt quotes which were posted on a FB writers’ group page.

Praise for Peripheral Vision.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 17.30.05

“I had the honour of reading the penultimate draft of David Milligan-Croft’s novel prior to publication. It’s an extremely well-written and moving story. Had to dab my eyes on and off, and sometimes I wanted to wring the main protagonist, Danny Kane’s neck when he went off the rails big-time, but it was a most believable story — shades of Donna Tartt, even!” – Sarah Potter


“Sometimes, a mother’s love is just not enough…

“Peripheral Vision is a great read, but be warned, it is brutal and jarring. It examines a young man’s difficult life and it sticks with you. Life is rarely fair, but sometimes a child ends up paying for a parent’s sins, far more than can be tolerated. The main character, Danny is a willful, bright boy growing up in a previously prosperous English mill town that has last seen better days decades before. His abuse is well documented by the author, yet Danny seems to be able to keep on his feet, until the betrayals simply outnumber his defenses. The cruelties inflicted on him make this a book that is very important for anyone who has sons, or daughters, or a heart, to read. This fast-paced novel also investigates friendship and those kind of connections forged in childhood that stand for a lifetime. Author Milligan-Croft pulls no punches however. Danny’s story was told so well, I read it in two sittings, waiting for the redemption I hoped would come. When it does come, after an unexpected twist, it is intense, but momentary. I was especially taken by the very believable way the story outlined how a great kid can be sucked right up into a criminal life as a result of his abusive childhood and lack of relationships with male role models. Sometimes, as the author makes exceedingly clear, a mother’s love is not enough. Read this book and you’ll remember it. I’ll be looking forward to the author’s next release.” – Richard Sutton


The following are quotes from people who read an excerpt from Peripheral Vision prior to publication.


“A great excerpt, this really hooked me in to the story and the character – he seems to have great spirit, which leads me to wonder what happens to him to lead him to live the life he eventually does.” – Andrea Stephenson.


“I was very much hooked by this excerpt and am curious to find out what happens. The dynamics between the various family members certainly set the stage for an emotionally fraught story.” – Sarah Potter.


“I really enjoyed reading his excerpt from his novel which leaves me wanting to know what happens next, the cast of characters already formed in my mind! Great writing.” – Sherri.


“Nicely written and well chosen excerpt with just the right amount of intrigue and character play.” – Dave Farmer.


“It’s a powerful piece that makes me want to know what will happen to them!!” – The Dune Mouse.


Praise for Love is Blood.

Buy my book!


“Love, love, love it. Couldn’t wait to see what happened next then didn’t want it to end. Read it twice!” – Elizabeth Phillips.


“A page turning beauty.

“Beautifully described scenes and emotions, twinned with a plot that twists, turns and intertwines – looking both to the future and the past. Well worth a read!” – Anon.


“Great Story.

“A really enjoyable read…..well written love story with a twist. After reading the first couple of chapters I struggled to put this book down. Would strongly recommend !!” – Alibongo.



“A sequel is required!

“A compelling story, I was left wondering what would happen next! I’d like to read a sequel, think there’s potential for a soap!” – Bluenose. [Not sure about a soap!]


“Gripping, excellently written unusual love story.

“Love is Blood is one of those books that stays with you. A gripping and unusual love story that has a mystery at its heart – a personal mystery which I won’t spoil. Its chain of events sparked by an act of terrorism, Love is Blood shows how cause and effect or, if you like, fate, can shape the lives of characters in ways they never expected. If you want a well-made story that encompasses romance, loss, hope and forgiveness, this book is for you.” – Patrick Chapman.


Praise for Ten Orbits of the Sun.

ten orbits of the sun, short stories, david mileage-croft

“Eclectic mix

“A really interesting set of stories: full of angst, melancholy darkness, sadness, humour and human insight. A well worth read for all.” – Graham Hoyle.


Praise for Woman’s Best Friend.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 17.41.16

“Mad Englishmen and dogs.

“This was too funny! Like the domino effect gone city wide – all it takes is that first one…

“The boy in the story was both clever and determined. Unfortunately, things just never went according to plan. And I certainly had to feel sorry for the hapless father, in spite of his – er – extracurricular activities.

“Charming in an unintentional kind of way.” – Birdie Tracy. [It was completely intentional, I’ll have you know.]


So, there you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say.

Now, if you’d be so kind as to click on a cover that tickles your fancy. That’ll whizz you over to Amazon via the power of whizzardry. Once there, you can avail yourself of hours of pleasure for a few paltry pennies.

Oh, and if it’s not too much to ask, an Amazon review would be nice too.


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A serial dog-killer and kinky sex? What’s not to like?

As a little taster to my writing style, I thought I would offer this short story free for 5 days, starting today, 14th November ’til Sunday 18th November.

Woman’s Best Friend is a black-comedy, about a boy who tries to take revenge on a serial dog-killer who’s running amok in his town. Unfortunately, each time he tries to execute one of his elaborate plans to bump off the canine killer, he accidentally kills one of the townsfolk.

The story was shortlisted for The Independent on Sunday Short Story Competition in 1997 and was subsequently published by Bloomsbury in IOS New Stories.

Don’t worry, there isn’t really any kinky sex in it. (Just a reference to it.)

Did I mention it was Free?

If you like it, you might then want to pop over to Amazon and buy my debut novel, Love is Blood.


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Inside the world of Love is Blood

Grasse, where Severine and Harry meet.

Grasse, where Severine and Harry meet.

One of the wonderful things about reading a good book is imagining the world that the author has created. I suspect every individual would visualise slightly different characters and the world in which they inhabit. Hopefully, mine is no different.

Whilst Love is Blood is not autobiographical, I have visited all of the locations featured in the novel. This obviously helps when trying to describe the settings in which the leading characters play out their story.

The characters themselves are not real people. They are amalgams of people I have met, invented or seen in movies. Their personalities are defined by the plot of the story. For example, both Harry and Dominic need to be creative, hopeless romantics and spontaneous, otherwise the story wouldn’t progress very far.

The three leading female characters are all strong, determined women. Severine is probably the most independent and decisive. Roísín starts out life being strong-willed and flamboyant, but, in later years, becomes slightly kooky. Sylvia, meanwhile, is the quietly sensitive type, noble and reflective.

Here are a few images that served as inspiration for the story. And, if they were all in their prime now, some actors/personalities I could imagine playing the lead roles.

If you haven’t read it yet, I’d appreciate your help in getting me up the Amazon chart. You can get a copy of it here: Love is Blood.

Love is blood, love story, David Milligan-Croft, romance

Liz Taylor as Severine?

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Liz Taylor

Love is blood, love story, David Milligan-Croft, romance

Cary Grant as Harry?

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft

Audrey Hepburn as Sylvia?

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Or Emily Blunt as Sylvia?

Love is Blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft

Lloyd Cole as Dominic?

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Gina McKee as Roísín?

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Dominic’s Sunbeam Tiger.


Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Severine’s Citroën Pallas DS.


Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Saint Paul de Vence, Cote d’Azur.

Love is blood, love story, romance, David Milligan-Croft,

Sartene, Corsica.

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Cargese, Corsica.

Love is Blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Irish Museum of Modern Art where Dominic works.

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Harry’s toy workshop?

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft

Sylvia’s sketchbooks.

Love is Blood, love story, romance, David Milligan-Croft,

Severine’s villa in Grasse, Cote d’Azur.

Love is Blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft,

Modigliani – inspiration for “Clatto”.

Picasso's 'art on paper' - Dominic's mission.

Picasso’s ‘art on paper’ – Dominic’s mission.

Love is blood, romance, love story, David Milligan-Croft.

The Empire State Building, New York.

love is blood, love story, romance, incest, David Milligan-Croft,

Help me make it Number 1!


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My debut novel: Love is Blood – out now on Amazon.

Hi everyone,

Well, my debut novel, Love is Blood, is now available on Amazon.

Love is Blood is a romantic novel about how one cataclysmic act of terrorism causes a chain reaction changing the course of history. It’s about how fate conspires to bring two lovers together from different backgrounds, countries and continents who, unbeknownst to them, may share the same father.

The story alternates chapter by chapter between 1969 and the year 2000.

In the year 2000, Dominic Grant meets Sylvia de la Fouchon by chance when a terrorist bomb at Charles de Gaulle airport causes traffic control mayhem around France. If it weren’t for a Corsican terrorist, seeking revenge for the death of his fiance, Dominic would have caught an earlier flight, never having met Sylvia.

The pair embark on a passionate affair, but as their story unfolds we begin to suspect that the couple may have more in common than they realise. Both Sylvia and Dominic never knew their fathers and, as they learn more about each other, we are faced with the terrifying prospect that the two lovers are possibly half-brother and sister and may have committed incest.

Intertwined with their relationship; set in 1969, we follow the clandestine life of toy designer, Harry Grant. He has a troubled relationship at home in Dublin and a mistress in the South of France. Harry ultimately agrees to elope to America with his enigmatic and seductive French mistress. He leaves his pregnant wife in Dublin, but will his mistress turn up at the top of the Empire State Building? Or will Harry be left to build a new life in New York alone?

The novel shows how events beyond human control overlap to shape the key protagonists’ destiny. Ultimately coming full circle, when the Corsican terrorist, whose actions brought Sylvia and Dominic together, is the one Sylvia confides in for advice. She goes to visit him in prison to discuss why he did what he did, and the consequences it had, not just for them, but for everyone.

Love is Blood is not just two passionate, intertwining love stories, but a cosmic journey about how interrelated everything and everyone in the universe actually is.

Obviously, I’d be extremely happy if you popped along to Amazon and purchased a copy of it. (Just click on the links above or the cover image.) But, if it’s not your thing, any extra publicity about it by sharing would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle device. You can download the Kindle App directly onto your Mac or PC.

To download Kindle for PC click here.

To download Kindle for Mac click here.

Love is Blood, David Milligan-Croft, writer,

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