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A Brave New World

I first met Damian in our kids’ playground. (By that I mean our respective children – not our shared sibling.)

Although I’d never met him before he couldn’t do enough to help out with the Japan Art Auction I was trying to organise. Had it not been for him getting The Smiths, Mike Joyce on board to open the gig, I doubt we would have raised nearly half as much.

So my experience of Damian is one of only pure helpfulness and philanthropy.

It is with that little intro in mind that I want to tell you about a new venture that Damian’s embarking upon.


Manchester based Damian Morgan today announces he is expanding his successful booking & tour agency Brave Music Agency to nurture the UK’s best unsigned talent without initially taking an agent’s commission.

Damian Morgan

Brave Music Agency is know for it’s roster of well know live and DJ talent like Terry Hall, ex-Smiths Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke, Jez and Andy from Doves, through to Mark Morriss from The Bluetones, Dodgy and current acts Guillemots and Moshi Moshi records.

Terry Hall, The Specials / Fun Boy Three

Morgan has now decided to open his books to unsigned talent. Why? He’s a man on a mission:

“A band should have a good agent on their side to fight their corner and try and make sure they don’t encounter the pitfalls I, and countless bands before and after did. I’ve been there a playing fleapits and also doing supports for bigger bands. I remember being 24 and thinking that because we’d been offered a gig at a famous venue that I’d finally ‘made it’. How wrong, but you can’t blame bands for that, they want to make it big but this almost blind ambition is easy to exploit.”

The Pipettes

His inspiration for this new direction was the first hand experience of the pitfalls of being in 90’s unsigned band Saturated:

“I remember what it was like to play crap venues and find that there was no one there and we were paying £125 for the pleasure of playing (this was the mid 90’s and pay to play was rife, and in fact the almost unopposed norm). Being told you’re playing at midnight when you’d been booked to play at 10pm. “You’re headlining” just meant “you’re on last! We were so keen to make it and not upset anyone that we’d put up with poor deals and smelly dressing rooms…It’s because of my experiences in bands that I set up Brave Music Agency 8 years ago”

Brave Music Agency will be acting on behalf of new unsigned talent including bands like Pleasure Mob, an unsigned indie electro act from London, handling their booking, negotiating fees & gig terms and offering expert advice. Morgan adds:

“Great new bands like Pleasure Mob, Liar Liar, Jukebox Collective and The Horn The Hunt deserve decent bookings – they should have the opportunity to build on their fanbase & get their music heard. There are some great promoters out there who do care, and its part of my job to help bands navigate those choppy waters and guide them towards the good gigs…I’m also there to protect the interests of good venues and promoters too. It’s a job that takes diplomacy and sensitivity”

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