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Fractals in Nature

Well, hello again.

I’ve been away on holiday, hence the reason for not having posted for a while. And, yes, it was lovely, thank you for asking.

Anyways, I have always been fascinated by fractals. So I thought I would share this fascination with you.

My interest is mainly in the visual and biological rather than mathematical.

The term ‘Fractal’ was originally coined by Benoît Mandelbrot, in 1975. Which is from the Latin fractus which means fractured or broken.

Basically, a fractal is a self-similar repeating pattern whether viewed from distance or close up. So the ‘part’ is almost identical to the ‘whole’.

What fascinates me most, is how these fractal patterns, or designs, are present all around us in nature.

Scientists strive to search ever deeper into our sub-atomic make-up. What if, it just keeps on going?


Fractal broccoli

Fractal trees

Fractal leaf

Fractal plant

Fractal sea urchin

More fractal leaves

Fractal galaxy


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