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My life is now complete

I don’t know about you, but I’m shit at DIY.

I once bought a TV cabinet from IKEA and on the instructions it said assembly time: 45mins.

Five and a half hours later, I was in floods of tears and reaching for the paracetomol and a bottle of vodka.

Even less complicated tasks such as wrapping a packet of boiled ham up in clingfilm, to me, are more daunting than working out the puzzles on the Krypton Factor. (Younger readers might have to Google that.)

It’s hard enough trying to peel back the plastic on the boiled ham in the first place, without then having to perform microsurgery on a roll of plastic thinner than a layer of your own skin.

In the past, it usually resulted in the opened packet of ham lurking at the back of the fridge with curled up brown edges or having to eat the entire packet in one sitting.

Now that I have younglings, the frequency by which I have to preserve a multitude of fresh foods has increased dramatically. Whether it be a half eaten mango, half a wedge of cheddar or my own stash of pork and onion paté, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, I have to face my nemesis on a daily basis.

Then suddenly…

Cue: A chorus of Angels heralding from on high.

…there came Baco.

A clingfilm dispenser from the gods.

Simply put your [insert food item here] on your kitchen work surface.

Place the Baco clingfilm dispenser next to said food item.

Pull the clingfilm out of the dispenser until you reckon you have enough to safely secure your food’s freshness. (This bit isn’t an exact science, but if your clingfilm looks like a handky on an elephant’s backside then I suggest you air on the side of caution until you get the hang of it.)

Close the lid of the Baco clingfilm dispenser to slice off the required amount of clingfilm and Hey Presto! Simply fold it around your precious bounty.

Job done.

No tears.

No reams of wasted clingfilm.

No mummified fingers.

No divorce proceedings. Well, not for curled up boiled ham, anyway.

What is it they say about necessity being the mother of all invention?


(Though, I do miss eating a whole packet of boiled ham in one sitting.)


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