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World to turn black and white as Cadbury begin global race to own colours

Apparently, Cadbury now own this colour.

Or, more accurately – Kraft Foods do. As they own Cadbury.

It’s Pantone 2685 c.

A particular shade of purple that they’ve been using on their Dairy Milk packaging for about 100 years.

Which means you and I are now forbidden to use it, lest we face the wrath of the Kraft legal team.

Who’s next?

Vodafone and red?

Lloyds and green?

Orange and, er… orange?

In a legal precedent, Kraft are allegedly filing a class action suit against Mother Nature for having the audacity to give birth to certain species of flower.

No more purple pansies by order of Kraft.

And, just in case you were thinking of redecorating your downstairs lavvy in that lovely shade of pale yellow, think again. As you’ll have Heinz Alphabetti Spaghetti lawyers battering down the door to your privy.

You can read the absurd article here:


For what it’s worth, here’s my tuppence worth…

God help us if Newcastle Utd get in on the act.

Then we’ll all be up shit-creek. (Which, incidentally, is a particular shade of brown UPS have pats-pending on.)


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