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Mark Coffey – Fine Art Photographer

I first met fine art photographer Mark Coffey at Arc, where we both volunteer.

If you don’t know already, Arc is an amazing place. It’s a gallery and centre for creativity, learning, fun and wellbeing. You should pop along if you’re in the Stockport area. (They do a fabulous job for the community and a mean cafetiere of fresh coffee.)

He teaches photography, photoshop and design. Whilst I just potter about making a nuisance of myself.

Anyways, he’s been helping me with a little exhibition I’m putting together at the Oasis cafe at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. We were chatting away, as you do, when he mentioned his website, so I went over and took a look. There’s some great work on it, so I thought I’d share it with the class.

Some shots are fun and frivolous, whilst others are mean and moody. And some, don’t involve alliteration at all. (But, are striking images, nonetheless.)

Depending on which images you’re looking at, they are reminiscent of Saul Leiter, Martin Parr and Fan ho.

Have a mosey on over to Mark’s website for a more detailed look at his work.
After, you can nip down to Arc for a nice cup of tea and a Tunnock’s teacake.












Ewa Konior, Polish, artist, Arc gallery, Stockport

Hey! How did that get on here? To be fair, Mark did take it. (When I wasn’t looking!)



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Voice of the Great Spirit

I first met photographer, Dave Campbell back in 1992 when I worked for Owens DDB in Dublin.

He had quite a fearsome reputation as one of the best photographers in the land. His work was second-to-none, and, suffice it to say, we got on like a house full of stout.

He wasn’t fearsome. He was just a perfectionist. (What he can’t do with a pint of Carlsberg and a twizzle stick isn’t worth knowing.)

And thus began a friendship that has lasted 20 years.

Not only is Dave Campbell a brilliant advertising photographer, he’s a pretty amazing bloke too. The sort of fella you’d want in a trench beside you.

But the reason I’m writing this little post is not to laud him as a professional advertising photographer, but as a wildlife one.

Dave has been going to a place called Knight Inlet in British Columbia for the past dozen years or so and has taken some pretty extraordinary shots of bears and their habitat.

Bear photography, Knight Inlet, British Columbia, Canada by Dave Campbell.

Voice of the Great Spirit

Anyways, he’s published an amazing book of his travails in the wild west of Canada called Voice of the Great Spirit.

Knight Inlet, British Columbia, Canada.

The book was also designed by a lady called Margaret Healion, who is one of the preeminent art/creative directors in Ireland. So not only do you get a book full of breathtaking shots, it’s beautifully designed too.

Double bubble.

Can anyone smell fish?

Fall apart in my backyard

So, if you like your National Geographic and David Attenborough, I reckon you’ll like this.

If you fancy buying a copy for Chrimbo, you can do so here:
Voice of the Great Spirit.

Declared interest.

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