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Things for which I am grateful #48/365

No, not hedges.

What’s inside them. Well, inside this one in my front garden.



There must be about a dozen of them nesting in there. And what I love about them is their chatter. They chirrup away all day. It’s quite easy not to hear them if you’re pottering about the house with the radio or TV on. But, I tend not to have either on during the day. So I can sit and listen to them singing away while I’m writing at my laptop. It really is so simply beautiful.

They take it it turns to fly off and gather food. Well, when I say, take it in turns, it might be the same one going back and forth. I have no way of differentiating between them.


The only time they are quiet is during the night and if I approach the hedge. I sometimes wonder what their whispered chirps are saying to each other while I am watching them.

Sparrow: Jack! Jack, it’s that bloke again.

Jack: What’s he doing?

Sparrow: He’s just staring.

Jack: At the hedge?

Sparrow: Hu-uh.

Jack: Is he wearing a hospital gown?

Sparrow: No. He’s smiling.

Jack: At the hedge?

Sparrow: Pretty much.

Jack: That’s it, we’re moving.


Then I go for a lie down.

But, the point I am trying to make is, that there are plenty of beautiful things all around us, if we only stop to look and listen.



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