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A little application required

This is a recruitment campaign I’ve been working on recently for the Careers Service at The University of Manchester which is being rolled out at the moment, both on and offline.

Shot by the wonderful Jonathan Oakes in his Manchester studio using real students, and ably assisted by Anthony Cassell. The shots were styled by the fabulously talented Lisa Westwell.

Special thanks too, go to my clients: Tracey Campbell-Monks and Anne Milligan. (No relation.)

The colours look a bit fruity on here and are better when downloaded.

Photographer: Jonathan Oakes

Stylist: Lisa Westwell

Assistant: Anthony Cassell

Image manipulation: Jonathan Oakes










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Americans are revolting

In light of the recent protests against the banking system, I felt compelled to revisit this post I made earlier about the student protests in the UK objecting to increased tuition fees.

My point in the original post, (which is being borne out), is that these protests are going to happen with more and more frequency if governments around the world don’t get their priorities right: People before Money.

If you don’t fancy reading my original piece, scroll down to see two brilliant films.

The first is of the Wall Street Demonstrations where they’ve very nicely edited Obama’s and Clinton’s speeches about freedom of speech in the middle east with their own cops appearing to abuse the very same liberties in New York.

The second film is Danny Glover making a powerful speech in Oakland. Stirring stuff. The Dr Martin Luther King Jr for the 21st century.

Original Post:

I have a computer game called Civilization.

The purpose of the game is to build a society from scratch. The game begins at year zero and time elapses after each turn. So if your army is still using bow and arrows in the 20th century, you’re doing it wrong.

You can’t just go out and destroy your neighbours willy nilly. You have to build things in your cities to finance your army, such as: infrastructure, markets, granaries, farms, hospitals, schools, etc otherwise the ‘people’ get very unhappy.

You have to learn things such as arithmetic to enable navigation. Handy for sailing abroad and destroying your neighbours.

You need to be able to write so you can make maps. Great for routing out your enemies and destroying them.

You have to learn masonry so you can build stuff. And use it against your neighbours to, well, you get the picture.

If you’re not as hell bent on world domination as I am, you can trade with your neighbours. You can send diplomats into their cities. (And spy on them.) God forbid, you can even be friends with them!

Problems occur when you concentrate all your wealth on your army and not enough on the  people. The workers in your cities become unhappy. They want things like theatres, universities, and food! I ask you.

If you don’t accommodate them they revolt.

The cities you have taken centuries to forge begin to burn. Production breaks down. Society breaks down.

Now, to my point.

Yesterday, students demonstrated against the government’s increase in university tuition fees. And quite rightly so. Tripling fees will only result in people still paying off their student loans til they’re 90. Which means they won’t be able to retire until they’re… oh, I get it!

Herr Cameron predictably came out in support of our outnumbered brave police officers who had to withstand the onslaught of angry intellectuals throwing cutting remarks at them.

The cynic I am suspects the numbers of police officers were kept deliberately low so that scenes of them laying into the students with tear gas and batons wouldn’t be witnessed in China where he was recently pontificating about human rights. Or maybe there aren’t enough police on the streets – there certainly won’t be in the near future.

The point is – when people are unhappy they tell you. If you don’t listen to them they become angry. They become desperate. They feel like they have no other choice but to revolt.

Now, contrary to how I play my computer game, I don’t advocate violence, (whether it be by the demos, or by state against state), but I do advocate the people’s right to express their revulsion at being treated unfairly.

Herr Cameron remarked that it was like a scene from the ’80s when Frau Thatcher was in charge. Well, yes, it was. And if you don’t listen to the people, those scenes will happen with more and more frequency.

The people won’t stand for being down trodden. Especially when they see bankers getting richer by the minute.

The people are unhappy, Herr Cameron. Society is unhappy. You need to listen to them before things get out of control.

Right then, I’m off to play Civilization, this revolution won’t suppress itself y’know.

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