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Do you care about what you do?

A few years ago I went to see a lecture by Trevor Beattie, then Creative Director Of TBWA. I have stolen this from him. (Paul Arden said it was okay to steal.) It was, for me, the most memorable part of his talk. It is something I like to remind myself of every now and then. He used the picture to illustrate how someone had taken a ‘shortcut’. The person doing the job hadn’t done it to the best of their ability, nor to the required standards. It wouldn’t have taken much to nudge the dead bird to one side with a flick of a Doc Marten or a broom handle. Instead, they decided to opt for the path of least resistance, resulting in a shoddy job.

It takes effort to do a good job. I don’t believe people are born with this gift or that. I believe you either want to do something, or you don’t. Once you’ve decided that, you need to work damned hard to be great at it.

Moreover, you will be more inclined to do a good job if you know that other people want you to.


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