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Heaven or Hell?

I’ve written a couple of pieces of flash fiction, about 100 words apiece. The first one is about the state of globilisation and the trashing of the planet. The second is about refugees in the Mediterranean.


Heaven or Hell?

When I was floating around in the uterus, the Universe asked me a question, “There are two worlds you can choose to live in: The first has rivers, lakes and oceans teeming with all kinds of fish. It has mountains and forests where wild animals graze. It has fertile fields where you can grow all manner of crops.

“The second is ravaged by war, famine and inequality. Corporations strip the planet of its resources for their own profit. 1% of the population controls 98% of its wealth. But you will not be one of them.

“So, which will it be? Heaven, or hell?”



The boat is taking on water. There is no land in sight which they could swim to. There’s no coast guard on the horizon, nor search and rescue helicopter in the stormy sky. There are no life jackets for the refugees on board. The fifty-four men, women and children who fled war, famine and persecution are crammed into a lifeboat meant for thirty. They cling to hope like they cling to the gunwale slipping beneath the surface of the inky-black sea. The children search their parents’ eyes pleadingly. “It’s going to be all right, isn’t it, Mama?”

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I’m lovin’ war

I came across this artist who wanted to remain anonymous for legal reasons.

They are very provocative pieces that challenge people’s perceptions about the real reasons why the west are engaged in conflicts around the globe.

The “I’m lovin’ war” series aim to make the statement that the real power and influence about who the west wages war against are large corporations and their profit margins.

Not intended to criticise the men and women of the armed forces – whose bravery is without question – the works are designed to illustrate how they are being duped by their governments and being used as private security forces for large corporations.

The idea proposes that, in the future, armies might go into battle sponsored by brands in the same way that sports are.

McDonald's, I'm lovin te

“i’m lovin’ war”, Artist Unknown. Click to enlarge.

Shell, Shell Oil, art, modern art

Click to enlarge

Goldman Sachs, art, modern art, war,

Click to enlarge.

Personally, I’m more of a Burger King man.

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A poetry interlude

I appreciate that this is a little late for the Nov 11th memorial service but I thought I’d share it anyway. It’s about the magnitude of loss.

– Edinburgh Castle War Memorial, 1998.

First published in The Amnesty International Anthology: Human Rights Have No Borders.

I strolled around the sombre hall,
Flicking through dusty old books.
There were books as big as tables,
All with foreign names on them:
Ypres, Somme, Gallipoli, Dardenelles…

Above the books were banners;
Fading regimental colours
That, even still, smelled of gun grease blood.

Inside the books, were the names of men and women.
But mostly men.
Hundreds and thousands of men’s names.

Outside, under a cold November sunset,
I stood on the battlements and lit a cigarette.
I bet, I thought to myself,
That any name you could possibly think of,
Would be in one of those books.

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Afghan Stan

Afghan Stan radio sketch

© David Milligan-Croft

SOLDIER:    Sarge, can you take a look at my rifle. It doesn’t seem to be working.

SARGE:        Give it here, son. What’s the matter with it?

SOLDIER:    Well, it doesn’t seem to have a trigger.

SARGE:        No trigger?

SOLDIER:    Or a barrel for that matter. Or a stock, magazine or bullets.

SARGE:        That’s because it’s a stick, Private.

SOLDIER:    Yes, Sarge, I can see that. Just wondered how we were supposed to fight the Taliban with it.

SARGE:        Use your imagination lad! Like this, (makes child-like shooting noises) terrreerr, p-koo, p-koo, cherrreerrrerrrr.

SOLDIER:     Sarge?

SARGE:          P-yowng, p-koo… Yes, Laddy?

SOLDIER:      Can I get a transfer to the RAF?

SARGE:           Ask over there by that Apache Attack Helicopter.

SOLDIER:       Sarge? That’s an ice cream van.

SARGE:           K-poo, k-poo, p-yowng, (FADE)

SFX:                 TEDDY BEAR’S PICNIC.

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War’s not for kids?

In contrast to The Chapman Brothers grim portrayal of mankind’s portent for the capacity to do more evil then Beelzebub himself, I thought it appropriate, (or inappropriate,) to show some work that celebrates war. Or at least, playing at war.

In the olden days we didn’t have X Boxes or PSPs. We had to make do with eating coal and playing with plastic figurines for entertainment.

I thought it might be interesting to do a campaign that promotes these ‘old fashion’ toys to a present day audience. Competing with MoH or CoD is no mean feat. But, what these toys lack in graphic depiction they make up for in the users ability to improvise and… imagine. Not to mention the necessity to apply strategy – not that prevalent in your average shoot em up. (Though there are some excellent computer strategy games out there too.)

Would these executions persuade kids to get down to their local model shop and start building model aeroplanes or painting half inch paratroopers?

I used the illustrations that Airfix actually use on their packaging, which I’ve always thought were brilliant. Reminiscent of war movies of the era that Airfix was popular – glamourising war. Bright colours and no one gets hurt.

Which leads me on to the next question: Is it immoral to advertise games/toys that promote war to children? Discuss.

Agency: An Ideal World

Creative Director: David Milligan-Croft

Concept: David Milligan-Croft

Copywriter: David Milligan-Croft

Art Director: David Milligan-Croft

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