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Wings of Desire #69/365

Wings of desire, wim wenders

Wings of Desire, By Wim Wenders, my all-time favourite love story.

Starring Bruno Gantz (Damiel) and Solveig Dommartin (Marion) and a brilliant cameo by Peter Falk.

It is about an Angel who falls in love with a trapeze artist from a traveling circus. The slight problem is, she can’t see him.

Angels are all about us. We see them, not in white flowing gowns and wings, but with heavy dark grey overcoats. They walk among us unseen, except perhaps for the odd child, trying to comfort us in our hours and seconds of need.

Damiel’s dilemma is whether to relinquish his status as an immortal angel, who’s been around since the dawn of time, and become a mere mortal human so he can try to woo the girl of his dreams – Marion, the trapeze artist.

Set in Berlin, the film is shot in black and white and colour and is in English, German and French. Everything we see from the Angels’ point of view is shot in black and white, whilst everything we see from human beings’ point of view is in glorious technicolour. Poignant.







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My top 10 (make that 12) love films of all time.

Okay, call me an old softy.

Here’s my top ten. ‘Twas a tough decision. A few classics didn’t make the cut.

If there are any you haven’t seen, check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Have I missed your favourite? Feel free to participate.

Wings of desire, wim wenders

#1 My all-time favourite by Wim Wenders
about an Angel who falls in love with a trapeze artist.

Betty Blue

#2 Betty Blue. About a laid back wannabe writer
who falls in love with a complete fruit cake.

The English Patient

#3 Ralph goes to extraordinary lengths to get back to his injured lover.
(Even doing a deal with the enemy.)

The hairdresser's husband

#4 Dad-dancing Antoine has a bit of a fetish for hairdressers.

True Romance

#5 by the late Tony Scott. Clarence takes us on a whirlwind romance across the States.
Full of gangsters, pimps, drugs, blood and bullets.

Les amants du pont-neuf

#6 Juliette Binoche at her finest. Vagrants fall in love too, you know.

Il postino, pablo neruda

#7 A postie enlists the help of poet, Pablo Neruda, to woo the girl of his dreams.


#8 Who could forget the innocent magic of Audrey Tautou?

#9 A princess in disguise takes to the streets of Rome
guided by a trickster journalist.


#10 Yes, you read it right. The charming trash collecting robot falls for hi-tech probe, Eve. Bit like your 1987 Nokia falling in love with an iPhone 5.

Addendum: A friend reminded me of this one. Another brilliant movie by Wim Wenders, starring Harry Dean Stanton and Natasha Kinski. I know that makes 11. But it’s my blog and if you can’t do what you want in your own world then I don’t know where you can.

paris texas, wim wenders

10a, the only movie where the soundtrack (Ry Cooder) is as good as the film.

Dagnabbit. I forgot about The Piano by Jane Campion. Okay, I’ll swap Roman Holiday for this one.

10b. Perhaps the only other movie to feature a soundtrack (Michael Nyman) as good as the film itself.


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