10 Orbits of the Sun – new short story.

There’s a rather excellent blog I follow, called Living With Depression. (You can visit it here: https://dreamschanges.blog/) Anyway, I came across an image that is very familiar to me. I got it on Pinterest. I used it as part of my moodboard for the short story “10 Orbits of the Sun.” It has a dreamlike quality about it. So, I asked the author of the blog who the image was of. And she said it was her. I was completely taken aback, as not only did her photograph help inspire the short story, it helped inspire the entire collection! The shot in question is at the end of the story. The one with the girl leaning her head out of the car window.

Small world, eh?


Here’s a pretty short short story that I’ve been working on recently. I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts. Good or bad. But mainly good.

(Sorry about all the photos – it’s the art director in me.)



By David Milligan-Croft.

Something changes inside of you when you have a child. Obviously, things change inside of a woman, quite literally. But I’m talking about changing from a man’s point of view – philosophically.

Up until my late thirties, I never wanted kids. Why would I? They’d be a burden. I had a fabulous career, a few great friends, a fantastic salary and a tidy crash pad overlooking the lazy river.

Then, for reasons I don’t fully understand, I got all broody. And I just wanted a baby. Specifically, a baby girl. I don’t know why I wanted a girl. Perhaps I found the thought of a rambunctious…

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13 responses to “10 Orbits of the Sun – new short story.

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  2. I find him a rather chilling character. Was that intentional? I like the ending. A tantalising question. If we can follow, why wouldn’t we?

    • That’s an interesting perspective, OA. No, it wasn’t intentional. I wanted him to come across as detached from reality. He’s in shock, but tries to make himself seem objective. So obsessed with love for his daughter that he would do anything to be with her.

  3. I think it’s all the ‘I’s he says at the start, then specifically wanting a baby girl, finding a ‘suitable mother’, who doesn’t have a name – even the horse has a name!

  4. Well ✒ penned sir..👌👌👌

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