There is no Cavalry



A lot of people ask me why the name of my blog is so negative.

I don’t think it’s in the slightest bit negative.

What I’m trying to get at, is that you must be the driving force behind your dreams and aspirations.

No one else is coming to save the day.

There isn’t a squadron of helicopters riding over the surf blaring out Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’.

There Is No Cavalry.



David Milligan-Croft was born in Yorkshire in 1964. He studied graphic design at Jacob Kramer College of Art in Leeds and has lived in England, Scotland, New Zealand, Italy and Ireland working as a Creative Director, Art Director and Writer for the Advertising Industry. He has won over 100 awards for creativity and effectiveness in the field of advertising and design.

David was recently shortlisted for The Guardian TV Pitch Review for his comedy-drama series, The Bible, II. Judged by illustrious American producers/execs such as: Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of Gilmore Girls and Bunheads; Larry Andries, producer and writer for Supernatural, Alias and Six Feet Under; Dee Johnson, executive producer and writer for Nashville, formerly of The Good Wife, ER and Melrose Place; and Stuart Heritage, Guardian television, film and music writer.

David was also shortlisted for the Independent on Sunday Short Story Competition in 1997. His short story, Woman’s Best Friend, also appears in the IOS New Stories published by Bloomsbury. His screenplay, of the same name, was optioned by Irish production company Nomad Productions in 1999.

His poetry has been widely published in Ireland, Britain and the US in anthologies and periodicals such as: The Literary Review, (U.S); Envoi; Cyphers; Electric Acorn; W.P. Monthly; Lifelines 3; The Haiku Quarterly; The Pickled Body and The Amnesty International Anthology, Human Rights Have No Borders.

David is the author of six feature-length screenplays, six short films, a collection of short stories, a poetry collection, two stories for children, and his first novel, Love is Blood. Available Now on Amazon.

He has recently completed his second novel, Peripheral Vision and has just published a collection of short stories entitled, Ten Orbits of the Sun.




Love is Blood, David Milligan-Croft, writer,