Let me fail in sunshine – new poem

Perhaps I could be accused of trying to solicit pathos. However, that was never my intention. I just like the image that it paints.


© David Milligan-Croft

I was born for the sun.
To sit in creased, cream flannels,
Specks of red wine on a grubby white shirt,
Dusty feet, naked in espadrilles.

I could think in the sun.
Writing plays of heroes and lovers;
Perhaps my life story, (with an exaggeration or two),
Royalties and rights, money for jam.

I could dream in the sun.
A romance I made up, which lasted forever;
At home, she wore a floral dress, and carved words into paper,
Wherever that was.

I could fail in the sun.
Where tears of remorse dried in the mid-day haze;
Idle dreams floating like ice in a glass,
Slowly, slowly, slipping away.


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7 responses to “Let me fail in sunshine – new poem

  1. Eloquent whimsey, lovely phrasing and tone. Well done.

  2. Love the idea of ‘idle dreams floating like ice in a glass.’
    Why do I think of Prufrock in the context of the whole poem ~ now there’s a compliment! I think the ‘creased, cream flannels’ and his ‘trousers rolled’ are merging …. and I’ve just been eating a peach.

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  4. Love it; I think that’s my personal favourite DMC work. But now I don’t want to do any of the several hundred things that are on my list today!

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